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Based in Edmonton, Canada, Alex McGuckin has dedicated the last twenty years to studying the craft of bookbinding. What began as a rather intensive hobby during his four year residence in England, bookbinding became an all-encompassing passion upon his return to Canada, so much so that he decided to leave academia and pursue bookcraft full time.


Receiving instruction in England, Canada, Mexico and Greece, and buoyed by the tireless encouragement and support of a number of distinguished mentors, Alex has been binding professionally for the past fifteen years in his west-end bookbindery. Specialising in period or historical bindings, the atelier staff (of one) is well equipped to deal with a myriad of bibliopegistic requests, ranging from elaborate fully gilt leather period or pictorial bindings, to paper repair, light bleaching and deacidification.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your books.


Alex McGuckin

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